Semeato "SSM - 33"
Semeato "SSM - 33"
Technical descriptions:
Number of rows, 17 cm 33
Number of rows, 70 cm 8
Furrow opener15x17"
Tractor rated power required 200 HP
Seed hopper capacity1490 ltr
Fertilizer hopper capacity1992 ltr
Tank material carbon
Seed rate range1,5 - 400 kg/ha
Fertilizer rate range55 - 450 kg/ha
Rate controlgear box
Metering unit:
> small grain fluted feed cup
> large grain cell seed disk
> pasture rotor
> fertilizerauger 3/4 and 1”
Working width5,6 m
Transport width (in working position)7,85 m
Transport width (with transport device) 3,60 m
Working speed6-8 km/h
Row markers standard
Transport device standard
Control Systemoptional
Weight (appox.) 9500 kg
Supplied in two versions:
1. SSM 33 drill with transport device
2. SSM 33 multiple seeder with transport device
Other versions (optional):

9 rows x 70 cm;

12 rows x 50 cm;

13 rows x 45 cm;

15 rows x 40 cm;

17 rows x 34 cm

versatility, as a combination of a drill and a planter – sowing of narrow-row (wheat, barley, oats, etc.) and wide-row (maize, sunflower, etc) crops
staggered arrangement of the row units, as well as shifted backwards and aside of the furrow opener disk gauge wheels, allow sowing in wet conditions
fertilizer is implemented below seeds (while planting)
frame with two toolbars and parallelogram row unit provide precise terrain following and allow free pass of the plant residue between rows
the machine is capable to cut any plant residue and do “invisible” sowing
minimum angle between disks of the furrow opener – 7 degrees provides minimum soil distortion
patented bushing system of parallelogram guarantees years of durable operation
furrow opener support, hub and closing wheel support are made of cast iron, and do not have any weld joints. All these features deliver durable operation of this machine
fluted cup metering unit is easy to adjust and gives uniform placement of seeds in the furrow
fertilizer auger metering unit provides precise rate and even distribution
machine weight is enough reach up to 203 kg of pressure at the furrow opener
simple and easy adjustment of seed and fertilizer rates, seeding depth and furrow opener pressure
the machine is manufactured using metric system
is capable to do No-till and mini-till sowing

Watch machine working:

You sow when others just think about it!

You start with winter rape and finish with summer barley, it takes one day to convert the machine into planter.

Guillotine Knife (Semeato patent)

Guillotine – is a flat 18” disk, with a device behind it to apply fertilizer. Guillotine can cut any plant residue (even swaths). It is possible to apply fertilizer under the seeds (up to 15 cm), that provides high fertilizer effectiveness and allows to avoid adverse effect of high fertilizers dozes on root system.

Small Grain Row

1. Pressure springs are placed inside the seeder, consequently, are better protected against external effects.

Fluted Cup

Fluted cup releases seeds smoothly and uniformly, which increases seed placement accuracy.

Large Grains Row

Row unit consists of parallelogram, double-disk furrow opener, gauge wheels, closing wheels and intermediate seed hopper with cell seed disk metering unit. Dephased double-disk furrow opener (15” x 17” or 15” x 16”) has minimum angle between disks – 7 degrees. Owing to gauge wheels, which are shifted behind and aside of the furrow opener disks, plant residue can freely pass between gauge wheels and furrow opener.

2. Bushing System (Semeato patent)

It ensures quality sowing and long years of perfect operation. Bushings secure parallelogram of the row unit. Hexagonal part of bushing is surely fixed in the support, and the inner round bushing ensures unobstructed rotation. Hexagonal bushings (Semeato patent) prevent early wearing of the row unit parallelogram and backlash of bolted-on connections.


SSM is very convenient to adjust. Seeding depth is easily adjusted and does not require any efforts.

Hubs’ Bearing

Double-ball bearing can take high loads, maintenance-free, lubed-for-life and has long operating life.

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