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Supermarket of Machinery for No-till

Due to the last years’ growing interest to resource-saving technology of No-till, it became necessary to expand the range of products which meet needs of No-till and opening of the so called “shop of No-till machinery”. Being a No-till expert, Company Agromir has put this idea into life, and in 2010 “supermarket of Machinery for No-till” was opened. Its product range will satisfy demands of all farmers, without any exception, with any preferences and needs regarding types of furrow openers.

Company Agromir offers drills, planters and multiple seeders. Working width can vary from 2.2 meters up to 16.2 meters. There are seeders with all possible types of furrow openers used in No-till, e.g. single disk, double disk with coulter disk and dephased double disk.

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