Semeato Land Master 
Land Master 11/13 planter for No-till
Technical descriptions:
  8 70 cm 11 45 cm 13 40 cm
Furrow opener disk 15 16
Planting depth up to 12 cm
Guillotine disk 20
Fertilizer application depth up to 18 cm
Seed hopper capacity 80 ltr 8 80 ltr 11 80 ltr 13
Fertilizer hopper capacity 2400 ltr
Metering Systme Vacuum or Mechanical
Weight, approx. 6590 kg 7800 kg 8606 kg
Tractor rated power required 130 HP 150 HP 150 HP
Speed, recommended 6-8 km/h
Transport width 6,3 m
Supplied in three versions:
Auger metering system with augers of 3/4", 1" and 2". Auger metering unit provides high precision and durability when working with granulated fertilizer and is very simple to maintain.
planter does not get obstructed by plant residue
furrow opener and guillotine knife can cut any residue, even swaths
long parallelogram perfectly follows the terrain
guillotine can apply fertilizer below the seeds
unlimited possibilities of changing seed and fertilizer rate
reliability and simplicity of operation

Watch machine working:

You sow when others just think about it!

You start with winter rape and finish with summer barley, it takes one day to convert the machine into planter.

Guillotine Knife (Semeato patent)

Guillotine is a flat 18 x 4.76 mm disk cuts any residue, even if it is a swath. Behind the disk a device is mounted to apply fertilizer. It is possible to apply fertilizer under the seeds (up to 18 cm). Guillotine offers wide choice of adjustments. Individual pressure is adjusted with a strong spring.

  Grains Row

Row unit is fixed on a parallelogram. Pressure in the furrow opener is made by the weight of the seeder. Additional load is made by springs. Depth is controlled by gauge wheels. Seeding depth can vary from 2 to 12 cm, with interval 0.5 cm. Spoked gauge wheels are shifted backwards and aside from the center of the furrow opener. This solution allows the planter to operate in ANY conditions. Closing wheels are V-shaped, with angel and pressure adjustment.

Vacuum metering unit

Vacuum metering unit provides perfect accuracy of planting. Vacuum system has hydraulic drive of the turbine. Drive is performed by hydraulic motor through tractors hydraulic system. Hydraulic system of the tractor should provide stable and controlled oil flow not less than 80 l/min.

  Mechanical cell disk

Mechanical cell disk metering unit for planting large grain crops: sunflower, maize, soybeans, beans. Wide choice of disks, for any type of large grain.

Hubs Bearing

Double-ball bearing can take high loads, maintenance-free, lubed-for-life and has long operating life.

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