100% No-till                                                                             

"Company Agromir" is an expert in No-till practice and implements and develops No-till in Ukraine and Moldova.

Company has its own farmland in different regions of Ukraine where it practices No-till on 8000 ha.


Technologies of Guaranteed Profit                                   

"Company Agromir" is a team of qualified managers, servicemen and advisory agriculturists.

In 2010 No-till consulting service program has been launched. Annually about 40 agro-enterprises use this service.

"Company Agromir" also conducts weekly No-till implementation and practice seminars. Seminars take place at our own farms as well as at the farms of our customers.


Supermarket of Seeders and Pesticides                          

     "Company Agromir" offers:


preparation and implementation of Not-till

  at your farm

seeders for No-till

No-till consulting service

pesticides, micronutrients and seeds

echnology of long-term storage of grain
       in polyethylene

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